We would like to thank our school, friends, teachers and families who helped us become so successful and win the Australian Open soccer category. Without their continued support and encouragement both financially and morally, we would never have been able to do so well.

We are extremely grateful to our sponsors, and CSIRO. We were provided with a spare compass and ultrasonic sensor by I had ordered a compass and the ultrasonic sensors for the striker from them already, and they are a great company to deal with. CSIRO gave us $1000 for assistance to travel to the internationals. Special thank you's go to:

Mr Mark Granrose, a teacher at Corinda State High who organises and runs the robotics extra-curricular activity. Thank you for your time, encouragement and high energy input towards Dynamic Equilibrium and helping us to do the best we could.

Tony Myatt, Stephen's older brother, has always been a huge help when I am struggling to resolve electrical and programming issues. He and Stephen's other brother, Chris, have also come to all of our competitions in Brisbane and Sydney.

Our parents, for allowing us to learn so much while they put up with many late nights full of programming, testing and commotion.

All the custom robot people on the robocupers group for helping Jack learn how to use microcontrollers, motors, phototransistors, etc. That's Damien Kee and Mark Venz from UQ, Carson Au, Jeff Lynne, Mike Bailey, David Hicks, Jeff Sinclair and Nick Leverett. Also Todd Aspeotis, who isn't on the list, but has often give me a spot of help with programming issues.

Indooroopilly State High for their generosity in lending us a spare compass after a last minute failure before the 2005 nationals, and UQ for lending us roboballs for Sydney.

Our school, Corinda State High School, for backing us as we went to Sydney for the nationals.

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