2006 Striker
The striker is driven by two ATMega32's. It uses a total of eleven infra-red phototransistors to find the ball and also has a greyscale sensor, a compass, two ultrasonic rangers, a dribbling mechanism and an electromagnetic solenoid kicker.
2006 Keeper (coming soon)
The goalie has very similar electronics to the striker. It uses gearmotors which are much more powerful than Lego. Both robots are capable of holonomic motion, where rotation is separate from translation (they can spin around and still move in a straight line).
2005 Striker
In 2005, Boris used the same microcontrollers as the new one. It was built of plywood and had an elastic kicker.
2005 Keeper
The 2005 goalie used two communicating RCX's, a FlyEye ball sensor, Wiltronics compass and an array of light sensors to defend the back half.
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