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2006 Striker
Boris had to be rebuilt in aluminium with a new kicker and new PCB's to be ready to play at a world-class standard.
2006 Keeper
The aluminium keeper we took to Germany used RCX's, Lego motors and FlyEyes. It also had a kicker. After the competition, we put the bigger kicker on the striker and hooked up the goalie with Atmels and chunky motors.
Internationals in Bremen, Germany
Take a look at some photos we took of robots from other countries around the world. There were a lot of robots with pneumatic kickers. The best robots were from Iran, China and Japan.
2005 Striker
The original, wooden Boris. Have a look at photos of the internal workings, including the elastic kicker, omnidirectional chassis and infrared ball sensors.
2005 Keeper
The dual-RCX Lego keeper which we took to the Queensland and national titles in 2005. Originally based around simple light sensors, we later used a FlyEye on the front.
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