RoboCup Junior Australia
Official RoboCup Junior Australia website.

RoboCup Junior Queensland
Official RoboCup Junior Queensland website.
The website of Team from Brisbane Grammar, comprised of Carson Au and Todd Aspeotis.

The Socks
Website of the 2006 NSW champions, The Socks.
A robotics website by Franz Steinmetz, who competes in the 1-on-1 competition in Germany.

Robocupers Yahoo Group
An online discussion group for all those competing in the RoboCup Junior Australia soccer competition. I'd greatly recommend this group to anyone who is or wants to start making custom robots. New members are always welcome.

AVR Freaks
Heaps of data on the Atmel AVR series, including datasheets, pinouts, application notes, tutorials, etc.

A set of tools for using AVR GCC, the GNU C compiler for AVR's. It includes the compiler itself, Programmers Notepad (an IDE), the avr-libc documentation, avddude (an application to physically download programs) and several other programs.

IDE for Not Quite C. Includes compiler.

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