RoboCup QLD 2005
20-21 August

We arrived at UQ on Saturday morning and realised that the sensors on the striker were entirely saturated all of the time due to the overhead incandescent lights. To fix this all the connections had to be pulled out and four new resistors soldered in parallel underneath the PCB. This meant that we didn't quite have full field vision, but at least we could see the ball.

As soon as the new resistors were in place on the striker it was time for our first game against Mackay, which was a draw at 6 all. Before the next game, Jack re-programmed the striker to move around the ball to get control, and then use the compass to find the right direction. This worked very well, and the next game was won 13-2 against Somerville House. The game after that was won 11-7. The robots made a brief appearance at the end of Channel 9 news that evening.

Overnight the striker program was adjusted again so that the robot would move to a new location on the field if it hadn't seen the ball for a certain amount of time. We were unhappy with how the keeper was performing so the program was changed to rely more on the compass. This meant that the robot always pointed down the field. This resulted in the keeper playing more defensively.

On Sunday morning we drove out to Kangaroo Point cliffs where a live segment on RoboCup and the soccer robots was aired on Channel 7's 'Sunrise'. Unfortunately the robots were in full sunlight which meant that everyone's sensors were saturated and all the robots thought they had the ball.

Our first game on Sunday in the round robins was won 12-1. The second match, against 'The Group' from St Peters, was won 13-6. This was the end of the round robins which left Dynamic Equilibrium at the top of the table. Four wins and a draw gave us a goal difference of 34. Up to this point, the keeper had been heavily affected by ambient light. To fix this, Stephen put rectangular cardboard shields over the light sensors. This was very effective and gave the keeper much more vision.

The first knockout was against another team from Mackay. The possession sensor on the striker wasn't working perfectly in the first half which meant we were only up 3-0. This was fixed for the second half and another 13 goals were scored to give us our biggest win at 16-0. The next knockout game was against 'The Group' from St Peters, who we had beaten earlier in the round robins. The striker behaved strangely during this game. It kept losing the ball and kicking without possession. We lost 8-7, and it was all over for Dynamic Equilibrium. A post-match inspection revealed that a fair amount of the grip on the striker's dribbler had been worn off. New dribbler wheels fixed the problem. The robots made an appearance at the end of the ABC news that night.

'The Group' later won the Grand Final 16-4. We received the Encouragement Award.

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