2006 Australian Open (coming soon)
16-17 September 2006
Despite being one of the more competitive teams at the event, we were knocked out in the quarter finals by the Chinese team who eventually took first place. We won an award for Best Goal Difference.
2006 Queensland Competition (coming soon)
26-27 August 2006
We won the Queensland title convincingly. The closest game was a 16-2 win in the semis. Our goal difference from the five round robin matches was 108.
2006 Internationals (coming soon)
15-18 June 2006
We went to Bremen, Germany to compete in the internationals. They used an interesting superteam system which made for a really fun competition. We achieved 2nd place.
2005 Australian Open
3-4 September 2005
A recount of the national competition in which we took first place.
2005 Queensland Competition
20-21 August 2005
Boris's first ever competition. Unfortunately we were unable to take the state title this year after encountering technical difficulties in the quarter finals.
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